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Solution / Material processing

11 May / 2020

The main component of calcite powder is CaCO3, and its theoretical chemical composition is: CaO: 56.03%, CO2: 43.97%, often replaced by MgO, FeO, MnO and other similar substances. Calcite powder is generally white, milky white or colorless, density 2.6-2.94, hardness 3, glassy luster, decomposition temperature 898.6℃, compact structure, insoluble in water, soluble in acid, few impurities, uniform particle size, good processing performance , DOP low oil absorption and other advantages. At the same time, calcite powder can also be used as a raw material for the silicate industry.

The Mohs hardness of calcite is 3, which belongs to the type of ore that is easy to grind. Calcite grinding powder generally requires a larger mesh number of finished products, that is, the fineness of grinding is small. Therefore, an ultrafine mill is generally used to grind calcite.…

11 May / 2020

The calcium carbonate CaCO3 content of limestone (common name bluestone) is usually 92-93%, and the appearance is lumpy, with a Mohs hardness of 3. After limestone is mined from limestone, it is crushed to form limestone particles, which are usually called stone (sand), or further crushed to form limestone powder, which is widely used in building materials, highways, metallurgy, chemical industries and other industries.

Limestone has good texture and is mostly exposed on the surface, is easy to mine and low in development cost, and is easier to process and comprehensively utilize. After being crushed and ground, limestone can be used in many fields and obtain considerable economic benefits. Therefore, the limestone powder processing industry has gradually become hot in recent years.…

11 May / 2020

The coal crusher is a new type of exclusive equipment launched in response to the current situation of the coal industry, and its distinctive feature is low consumption. The coal crusher developed and produced by PAME is a bottomless crusher. Dry and wet materials can be crushed, so the crushing range is very wide, such as coal, coal gangue, slag and other materials. The particle size of the finished product crushed by the coal crusher is uniform, the particle shape is more standard, and the gradation is reasonable, which can be controlled below 2mm (mm).

The mobile coal breaker adopts a new semi-continuous mining process: single bucket electric shovel mining-mobile crushing station-belt transportation system. This process has strong adaptability and outstanding advantages, and has become an important technological development direction of open-pit coal mining technology.…

11 May / 2020

High-quality machine-made sand is made by crushing and sieving by crushing sand making equipment. It meets the fineness modulus of 2.6~3.0, the content of stone powder is 3%~8%, the cumulative sieve residue is 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, needle pieces Rock particles with multiple technical indicators such as shape (8% and water content of 3% to 5%.

The application technology of fine manufactured sand in commercial concrete is a mature technology, which can improve the working performance of concrete, increase the compressive strength of concrete, and improve the impermeability of concrete.….

11 May / 2020

Construction waste is the muck, waste metal, crushed stone, waste mortar, bricks and tiles generated during the construction, paving or demolition and repair of various buildings, structures, pipe networks, roads, etc. . According to statistics, for every new 10,000 m2 building, 400-600 tons of construction waste are produced; every 10,000 m2 old building is demolished, 5,000-7000 tons of construction waste are produced. Such an amazing scale of construction waste allows us to enjoy civilization while at the same time. It is also suffering from the "garbage siege".…